ESPHome  2024.7.1
Weikai source code documentation

This documentation provides information about the implementation of the family of WeiKai Components in ESPHome. Here is the class diagram related to Weikai family of components:


The WKRingBuffer template class

The WKRingBuffer template class has it names implies implement a simple ring buffer helper class. This straightforward container implements FIFO functionality, enabling bytes to be pushed into one side and popped from the other in the order of entry. Implementation is classic and therefore not described in any details.

The WeikaiRegister class

The WeikaiRegister helper class creates objects that act as proxies to the device registers.

This is an abstract virtual class (interface) that provides all the necessary access to registers while hiding the actual implementation. The access to the registers can be made through an I²C bus in for example for wk2168_i2c component or through a SPI bus for example in the case of the wk2168_spi component. Derived classes will actually performs the specific bus operations.


The weikai_i2c::WeikaiRegisterI2C class implements the virtual methods of the WeikaiRegister class for an I2C bus.


The weikai_spi::WeikaiRegisterSPI class implements the virtual methods of the WeikaiRegister class for an SPI bus.

The WeikaiComponent class

The WeikaiComponent class stores the information global to a WeiKai family component and provides methods to set/access this information. It also serves as a container for WeikaiChannel instances. This is done by maintaining an array of references these WeikaiChannel instances. This class derives from the esphome::Component classes. This class override esphome::Component::loop() method to facilitate the seamless transfer of accumulated bytes from the receive FIFO into the ring buffer. This process ensures quick access to the stored bytes, enhancing the overall efficiency of the component.


The weikai_i2c::WeikaiComponentI2C class implements the virtual methods of the WeikaiComponent class for an I2C bus.


The weikai_spi::WeikaiComponentSPI class implements the virtual methods of the WeikaiComponent class for an SPI bus.

WeikaiGPIOPin class

The WeikaiGPIOPin class is an helper class to expose the GPIO pins of WK family components as if they were internal GPIO pins. It also provides the setup() and dump_summary() methods.

The WeikaiChannel class

The WeikaiChannel class is used to implement all the virtual methods of the ESPHome uart::UARTComponent class. An individual instance of this class is created for each UART channel. It has a link back to the WeikaiComponent object it belongs to. This class derives from the uart::UARTComponent class. It collaborates through an aggregation with WeikaiComponent. This implies that WeikaiComponent acts as a container, housing several WeikaiChannel instances. Furthermore, the WeikaiChannel class derives from the ESPHome uart::UARTComponent class, it also has an association relationship with the WKRingBuffer and WeikaiRegister helper classes. Consequently, when a WeikaiChannel instance is destroyed, the associated WKRingBuffer instance is also destroyed.