ESPHome  2022.12.8
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esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest Class Reference

#include <api_pb2.h>

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Public Member Functions

void encode (ProtoWriteBuffer buffer) const override
void dump_to (std::string &out) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from esphome::api::ProtoMessage
virtual ~ProtoMessage ()=default
void decode (const uint8_t *buffer, size_t length)
std::string dump () const

Data Fields

uint32_t key {0}
bool has_mode {false}
enums::ClimateMode mode {}
bool has_target_temperature {false}
float target_temperature {0.0f}
bool has_target_temperature_low {false}
float target_temperature_low {0.0f}
bool has_target_temperature_high {false}
float target_temperature_high {0.0f}
bool has_legacy_away {false}
bool legacy_away {false}
bool has_fan_mode {false}
enums::ClimateFanMode fan_mode {}
bool has_swing_mode {false}
enums::ClimateSwingMode swing_mode {}
bool has_custom_fan_mode {false}
std::string custom_fan_mode {}
bool has_preset {false}
enums::ClimatePreset preset {}
bool has_custom_preset {false}
std::string custom_preset {}

Protected Member Functions

bool decode_32bit (uint32_t field_id, Proto32Bit value) override
bool decode_length (uint32_t field_id, ProtoLengthDelimited value) override
bool decode_varint (uint32_t field_id, ProtoVarInt value) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from esphome::api::ProtoMessage
virtual bool decode_64bit (uint32_t field_id, Proto64Bit value)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 962 of file api_pb2.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ decode_32bit()

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::decode_32bit ( uint32_t  field_id,
Proto32Bit  value 

Reimplemented from esphome::api::ProtoMessage.

Definition at line 3814 of file api_pb2.cpp.

◆ decode_length()

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::decode_length ( uint32_t  field_id,
ProtoLengthDelimited  value 

Reimplemented from esphome::api::ProtoMessage.

Definition at line 3800 of file api_pb2.cpp.

◆ decode_varint()

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::decode_varint ( uint32_t  field_id,
ProtoVarInt  value 

Reimplemented from esphome::api::ProtoMessage.

Definition at line 3734 of file api_pb2.cpp.

◆ dump_to()

void esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::dump_to ( std::string &  out) const

Implements esphome::api::ProtoMessage.

Definition at line 3860 of file api_pb2.cpp.

◆ encode()

void esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::encode ( ProtoWriteBuffer  buffer) const

Implements esphome::api::ProtoMessage.

Definition at line 3836 of file api_pb2.cpp.

Field Documentation

◆ custom_fan_mode

std::string esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::custom_fan_mode {}

Definition at line 980 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ custom_preset

std::string esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::custom_preset {}

Definition at line 984 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ fan_mode

enums::ClimateFanMode esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::fan_mode {}

Definition at line 976 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_custom_fan_mode

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_custom_fan_mode {false}

Definition at line 979 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_custom_preset

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_custom_preset {false}

Definition at line 983 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_fan_mode

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_fan_mode {false}

Definition at line 975 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_legacy_away

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_legacy_away {false}

Definition at line 973 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_mode

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_mode {false}

Definition at line 965 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_preset

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_preset {false}

Definition at line 981 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_swing_mode

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_swing_mode {false}

Definition at line 977 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_target_temperature

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_target_temperature {false}

Definition at line 967 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_target_temperature_high

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_target_temperature_high {false}

Definition at line 971 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_target_temperature_low

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::has_target_temperature_low {false}

Definition at line 969 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ key

uint32_t esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::key {0}

Definition at line 964 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ legacy_away

bool esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::legacy_away {false}

Definition at line 974 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ mode

enums::ClimateMode esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::mode {}

Definition at line 966 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ preset

enums::ClimatePreset esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::preset {}

Definition at line 982 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ swing_mode

enums::ClimateSwingMode esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::swing_mode {}

Definition at line 978 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ target_temperature

float esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::target_temperature {0.0f}

Definition at line 968 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ target_temperature_high

float esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::target_temperature_high {0.0f}

Definition at line 972 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ target_temperature_low

float esphome::api::ClimateCommandRequest::target_temperature_low {0.0f}

Definition at line 970 of file api_pb2.h.

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