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esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItemMenu Class Reference

#include <menu_item.h>

Inheritance diagram for esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItemMenu:

Public Member Functions

 MenuItemMenu ()
void add_item (MenuItem *item)
size_t items_size () const
MenuItemget_item (size_t i)
- Public Member Functions inherited from esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItem
 MenuItem (MenuItemType t)
void set_parent (MenuItemMenu *parent)
MenuItemMenuget_parent ()
MenuItemType get_type () const
template<typename V >
void set_text (V val)
void add_on_enter_callback (std::function< void()> &&cb)
void add_on_leave_callback (std::function< void()> &&cb)
void add_on_value_callback (std::function< void()> &&cb)
std::string get_text () const
virtual bool get_immediate_edit () const
virtual bool has_value () const
virtual std::string get_value_text () const
virtual bool select_next ()
virtual bool select_prev ()
void on_enter ()
void on_leave ()

Protected Attributes

std::vector< MenuItem * > items_
- Protected Attributes inherited from esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItem
MenuItemType item_type_
MenuItemMenuparent_ {nullptr}
TemplatableValue< std::string, const MenuItem * > text_
CallbackManager< void()> on_enter_callbacks_ {}
CallbackManager< void()> on_leave_callbacks_ {}
CallbackManager< void()> on_value_callbacks_ {}

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItem
void on_value_ ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 74 of file menu_item.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MenuItemMenu()

esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItemMenu::MenuItemMenu ( )

Definition at line 76 of file menu_item.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_item()

void esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItemMenu::add_item ( MenuItem item)

Definition at line 77 of file menu_item.h.

◆ get_item()

MenuItem* esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItemMenu::get_item ( size_t  i)

Definition at line 82 of file menu_item.h.

◆ items_size()

size_t esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItemMenu::items_size ( ) const

Definition at line 81 of file menu_item.h.

Field Documentation

◆ items_

std::vector<MenuItem *> esphome::display_menu_base::MenuItemMenu::items_

Definition at line 85 of file menu_item.h.

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