ESPHome  2024.6.6
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deep_sleep_component.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  esphome::deep_sleep::Ext1Wakeup
struct  esphome::deep_sleep::WakeupCauseToRunDuration
class  esphome::deep_sleep::EnterDeepSleepAction< Ts >
class  esphome::deep_sleep::PreventDeepSleepAction< Ts >
class  esphome::deep_sleep::DeepSleepComponent
 This component allows setting up the node to go into deep sleep mode to conserve battery. More...
class  esphome::deep_sleep::EnterDeepSleepAction< Ts >
class  esphome::deep_sleep::PreventDeepSleepAction< Ts >
class  esphome::deep_sleep::AllowDeepSleepAction< Ts >


 This is a workaround until we can figure out a way to get the tflite-micro idf component code available in CI.


enum  esphome::deep_sleep::WakeupPinMode { esphome::deep_sleep::WAKEUP_PIN_MODE_IGNORE = 0, esphome::deep_sleep::WAKEUP_PIN_MODE_KEEP_AWAKE, esphome::deep_sleep::WAKEUP_PIN_MODE_INVERT_WAKEUP }
 The values of this enum define what should be done if deep sleep is set up with a wakeup pin on the ESP32 and the scenario occurs that the wakeup pin is already in the wakeup state. More...