ESPHome  2021.11.4
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esphome::web_server Namespace Reference

Data Structures

struct  UrlMatch
 Internal helper struct that is used to parse incoming URLs. More...
class  WebServer
 This class allows users to create a web server with their ESP nodes. More...


void write_row (AsyncResponseStream *stream, EntityBase *obj, const std::string &klass, const std::string &action, const std::function< void(AsyncResponseStream &stream, EntityBase *obj)> &action_func=nullptr)
UrlMatch match_url (const std::string &url, bool only_domain=false)

Function Documentation

◆ match_url()

UrlMatch esphome::web_server::match_url ( const std::string &  url,
bool  only_domain = false 

Definition at line 53 of file web_server.cpp.

◆ write_row()

void esphome::web_server::write_row ( AsyncResponseStream *  stream,
EntityBase obj,
const std::string &  klass,
const std::string &  action,
const std::function< void(AsyncResponseStream &stream, EntityBase *obj)> &  action_func = nullptr 

Definition at line 32 of file web_server.cpp.