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spi.h File Reference

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Data Structures

class  esphome::spi::NullPin
 A pin to replace those that don't exist. More...
class  esphome::spi::Utility
class  esphome::spi::SPIDelegate
class  esphome::spi::SPIDelegateDummy
 A dummy SPIDelegate that complains if it's used. More...
class  esphome::spi::SPIDelegateBitBash
 An implementation of SPI that relies only on software toggling of pins. More...
class  esphome::spi::SPIBus
class  esphome::spi::SPIComponent
class  esphome::spi::SPIClient
 Base class for SPIDevice, un-templated. More...
 The SPIDevice is what components using the SPI will create. More...


 This is a workaround until we can figure out a way to get the tflite-micro idf component code available in CI.


using SPIInterface = SPIClassRP2040 *
using esphome::spi::QuadSPIComponent = SPIComponent


enum  esphome::spi::SPIBitOrder { esphome::spi::BIT_ORDER_LSB_FIRST, esphome::spi::BIT_ORDER_MSB_FIRST }
 The bit-order for SPI devices. This defines how the data read from and written to the device is interpreted. More...
enum  esphome::spi::SPIClockPolarity { esphome::spi::CLOCK_POLARITY_LOW = false, esphome::spi::CLOCK_POLARITY_HIGH = true }
 The SPI clock signal polarity,. More...
enum  esphome::spi::SPIClockPhase { esphome::spi::CLOCK_PHASE_LEADING, esphome::spi::CLOCK_PHASE_TRAILING }
 The SPI clock signal phase. More...
enum  esphome::spi::SPIMode { esphome::spi::MODE0 = 0, esphome::spi::MODE1 = 1, esphome::spi::MODE2 = 2, esphome::spi::MODE3 = 3 }
 Modes mapping to clock phase and polarity. More...
enum  esphome::spi::SPIDataRate : uint32_t {
  esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_1KHZ = 1000, esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_75KHZ = 75000, esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_200KHZ = 200000, esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_1MHZ = 1000000,
  esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_2MHZ = 2000000, esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_4MHZ = 4000000, esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_5MHZ = 5000000, esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_8MHZ = 8000000,
  esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_10MHZ = 10000000, esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_20MHZ = 20000000, esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_40MHZ = 40000000, esphome::spi::DATA_RATE_80MHZ = 80000000
 The SPI clock signal frequency, which determines the transfer bit rate/second. More...

Typedef Documentation

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typedef spi_host_device_t SPIInterface

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