ESPHome 2022.4.0 - 20th April 2022


Hydreon Rain Sensor

Mi Motion Sensor 2


Hydreon Rain Sensor

Mi Motion Sensor 2

Sonoff D1 Dimmer


Shelly Dimmer

Sonoff D1 Dimmer


Shelly Dimmer

Home Assistant Addon Repo

This is a repeat from the 2022.2 release notes.

The ESPHome Home Assistant addon repository is added by default to new Home Assistant installations. Because of this, we have decided that we would deprecate the ESPHome addon inside the Community Addons and everyone should move to the ESPHome repo. It is safe to delete the Community ESPHome addon as your configuration YAML files are stored in the Home Assistant configuration folder.

You can add the repository here:

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the add add-on repository dialog with a specific repository URL pre-filled.

And then install the latest ESPHome addon here:

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the dashboard of a Supervisor add-on.

Python 3.8 Minimum

A friendly reminder that 2022.3 set the minimum Python version to 3.8. Please upgrade your local python if you are unable to update ESPHome further. This is taken care of automatically if you are using the Home Assistant Add-on, or the ESPHome docker container.

Shelly Dimmer 2

Support for the STM32 chip of the Shelly Dimmer has been added in this release. The component also supports flashing custom firmware to the stm32 via ESPHome which is required to use the component. See the documentation for more details.

Google Fonts

@OttoWinter has given everyone a way to use Google Fonts in their YAML and displays without having to manually download TTF font files. The example below will automatically download and cache the Roboto TTF font file required so you can utilise it. See the Fonts documentation for more details.

  - file: "gfonts://Roboto"
    id: roboto
    size: 20

Deep sleep wakeup time

Deep sleep for ESP32 has had a new feature added.

  - deep_sleep.enter:
      until: "14:00:00"
      time_id: ...

This will automatically calculate the time required to deep sleep to ensure that the device will wake up at “14:00:00”. The time format here is local time to match the timezone you have configured and this requires a time component to be configured.

Sensors imported from Home Assistant

In this release there is a breaking change on the sensors that are imported from homeassistant, platform: homeassistant. They will now default to being internal to ESPHome and will not be re-exported back to Home Assistant, MQTT or the web server. This change makes sense as it was just extra sensors and network traffic. You are able to add these back as non internal by adding internal: false to the YAML for each of the sensors.

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