ESPHome 2022.6.0 - 15th June 2022

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Media Player Core

I2S Audio

Media Player Core

I2S Audio

We are almost half way through 2022 already! My, how fast time flies when we are having fun with ESPHome. This release is kind of small, but packs some big features. There will be no 2022.7.0 (July) release next month as I (@jesserockz) will be away around that time. So lets hope we can make 2022.8.0 worth the wait.

🎶🎶🎶 Media Players

ESPHome can now become a media player target for Home Assistant. This allows users to buy or build ESP32 based speakers and place them around the house.

We made a small website showing you a few tested Media Players and you can install ESPHome directly to them via the browser using ESP Web Tools.

Join us in a live stream all about Audio in the Open Home!

When: Thursday, June 16, at 7pm UTC / 12pm PST / 9pm CET

Includes with vars

@jimtng is a newcomer to ESPHome. While migrating everything from a certain other firmware, they found that they had to duplicate lots of yaml configuration for their many devices. Basically, they decided to upgrade the !include yaml “directive” to allow variables.

# device.yaml
  - <<: !include
      file: bin-sensor.yaml
        pin: GPIO1
        name: "Binary Sensor 1"
        switch: my_switch_1_id
        delay: 10s
  - <<: !include
      file: bin-sensor.yaml
        pin: GPIO1
        name: "Binary Sensor 2"
        switch: my_switch_2_id
        delay: 60s

# bin-sensor.yaml
platform: gpio
pin: ${pin}
name: ${name}
  - switch.turn_on: ${switch}
  - delay: ${delay}
  - switch.turn_off: ${switch}

Now while this is probably not the best example, the variables act as substitutions and can be used anywhere in the underlying yaml file and can very much DRY out your configurations.

Release 2022.6.1 - June 18

Release 2022.6.2 - June 23

Release 2022.6.3 - August 8

Breaking Changes

TCS34725 integration time

The sampling settings for the TCS34725 have had a new option auto added and set as the default. This allows for better accuracy. You are able to set it back to the previous default value by specifying integration_time: 2.4ms in your configuration.

SGP40 moved

While adding support for the SGP41 chip, the SGP40 was moved and they were both combined into a new sgp4x component.

MQTT fan speeds

esphome#3397 removes deprecated MQTT fan speed state and speed command topics. These were replaced with speed level state and command topics in ESPHome 2021.10.0.

AC Dimmer

Due to an output power calculation the perceived power might vary slightly specially in the lower and upper regions.


A new virtual method was added to the DisplayBuffer class for specifying the display type. This change only affects external_components. See esphome#3430 for more details.

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