ESP8266 Platform

This component contains platform-specific options for the ESP8266 platform.

# Example configuration entry
  board: nodemcuv2
    version: recommended

Configuration variables:

  • board (Required, string): The PlatformIO board ID that should be used. Choose the appropriate board from this list. This only affects pin aliases, flash size and some internal settings, if unsure choose a generic board.

  • framework (Optional): Options for the underlying framework used by ESPHome.

    • version (Optional, string): The base framework version number to use, from esp8266 arduino releases. Defaults to recommended. Additional values

    • source (Optional, string): The PlatformIO package or repository to use for the framework. This can be used to use a custom or patched version of the framework.

    • platform_version (Optional, string): The version of the platformio/espressif8266 package to use.

  • restore_from_flash (Optional, boolean): Whether to store some persistent preferences in flash memory. Defaults to false.

  • board_flash_mode (Optional, string): The SPI mode of the flash chip. One of qio, qout, dio and dout. Defaults to dout for compatibility with all chips. Note: on the next OTA update the actual flash mode is automatically detected and changed to the appropriate one.

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