Tuya Number

The tuya number platform allows you to create a number that controls a tuya serial component. This platform requires Tuya MCU to be configured.

When Tuya MCU has been properly configured, it will output a list of valid data points to the log after start-up.

[21:37:14][C][tuya:028]: Tuya:
[21:37:14][C][tuya:045]:   Datapoint 101: enum (value: 4)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:045]:   Datapoint 102: enum (value: 1)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:041]:   Datapoint 103: int value (value: 5)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:039]:   Datapoint 104: switch (value: OFF)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:041]:   Datapoint 105: int value (value: 229)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:041]:   Datapoint 106: int value (value: 37)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:041]:   Datapoint 107: int value (value: 10)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:041]:   Datapoint 108: int value (value: 35)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:041]:   Datapoint 109: int value (value: 30)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:041]:   Datapoint 110: int value (value: 80)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:039]:   Datapoint 112: switch (value: OFF)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:039]:   Datapoint 113: switch (value: OFF)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:039]:   Datapoint 114: switch (value: OFF)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:045]:   Datapoint 115: enum (value: 4)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:045]:   Datapoint 116: enum (value: 2)
[21:37:14][C][tuya:055]:   Product: '{"p":"ymf4oruxqx0xlogp","v":"1.0.3","m":0}'

The example output above from a Tuya Siren with temperature and humidity sensors. The tuya number platform can be used to control all of the integer and enum datapoints.

On this device, datapoint 116 represents the volume control, with valid values being 0=High, 1=Medium, 2=Low.

Based on this, you can create a number as follows:

- platform: "tuya"
  name: "Volume"
  number_datapoint: 116
  min_value: 0
  max_value: 2
  step: 1

The value for multiply is used as the scaling factor for the Number. All numbers in Tuya are integers, so a scaling factor is sometimes needed to convert the Tuya reported value into floating point.

For instance, assume we have a pH sensor that reads from 0.00 to 15.00 with a scaling of 0.01. By setting multiply to 100, on the Tuya side (not visible to the user) the number will be reported as an integer from 0 to 1500. The following configuration could be used:

- platform: "tuya"
  name: "pH Sensor"
  number_datapoint: 106
  min_value: 0.00
  max_value: 15.00
  multiply: 100

Configuration variables:

  • id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID used for code generation.

  • name (Required, string): The name of the switch.

  • number_datapoint (Required, int): The datapoint id number of the number.

  • min_value (Required, float): The minimum value this number can be.

  • max_value (Required, float): The maximum value this number can be.

  • step (Optional, float): The granularity with which the number can be set. Defaults to 1.

  • multiply (Optional, float): multiply the new value with this factor before sending the requests.

  • All other options from Number.

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