Tuya Select

The tuya select platform creates a select from a tuya serial component and requires Tuya MCU to be configured.

[08:51:09][C][tuya:032]: Tuya:
[08:51:09][C][tuya:043]:   Datapoint 1: switch (value: ON)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:045]:   Datapoint 24: int value (value: 220)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:045]:   Datapoint 16: int value (value: 22)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:049]:   Datapoint 2: enum (value: 1)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:045]:   Datapoint 19: int value (value: 40)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:045]:   Datapoint 101: int value (value: 1)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:045]:   Datapoint 27: int value (value: -2)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:049]:   Datapoint 43: enum (value: 1)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:049]:   Datapoint 102: enum (value: 1)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:051]:   Datapoint 45: bitmask (value: 0)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:043]:   Datapoint 10: switch (value: ON)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:041]:   Datapoint 38: raw (value: (24))
[08:51:09][C][tuya:049]:   Datapoint 36: enum (value: 1)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:057]:   GPIO Configuration: status: pin 14, reset: pin 0 (not supported)
[08:51:09][C][tuya:061]:   Status Pin: GPIO14
[08:51:09][C][tuya:063]:   Product: '{"p":"gogb05wrtredz3bs","v":"1.0.0","m":0}'

On this controller, the datapoint 36 represents the temperature sensor selection setting which is what we are interested in controlling using this platform.

Based on this, you can create the select as follows:

# Create a select
  - platform: "tuya"
    name: "Sensor selection"
    enum_datapoint: 2
    optimistic: true
      0: Internal
      1: Floor
      2: Both

Configuration variables:

  • id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID used for code generation.

  • name (Required, string): The name of the switch.

  • enum_datapoint (Required, int): The enum datapoint id number for the select.

  • options (Required, Map[int, str]): Provide a mapping from values (int) of this Select to options (str) of the enum_datapoint and vice versa. All options and all values have to be unique.

  • optimistic (Optional, boolean): Whether to operate in optimistic mode - when in this mode, any command sent to the Select will immediately update the reported state.

  • All other options from Select.

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