Migrating from Sonoff Tasmota

Migrating from previous Sonoff Tasmota setups is very easy. You just need to have ESPHome create a binary for you and then upload that in the Tasmota web interface.

Getting the Binary

First create a configuration for your device. Then, generate and download the legacy binary:

  • Using the Home Assistant add-on/dashboard: Just click the COMPILE button, wait for the compilation to end and press the DOWNLOAD BINARY button.

  • Using the command line: run esphome livingroom.yaml compile (replacing livingroom.yaml with your configuration file of course) and navigate to the <NODE_NAME>/.pioenvs/<NODE_NAME>/ folder. There you will find a firmware.bin file. This is the binary that you will upload.

Uploading the Binary

To upload the binary, navigate to the Tasmota web interface and enter the “Firmware Upgrade” section.


In the “Upgrade by file upload” section, choose the binary you previously downloaded


If everything succeeds, you will see an “Upload Successful” message and ESPHome will connect to the WiFi network configured in your .yaml file. 🎉


Happy Hacking!


When using the esp8266_pwm output platform and switching from Tasmota, you need to power-cycle the device once. After that the dimming functionality will work as usual and no more power cycles are required.


If you are using Tasmota 8+ on ESP8266 and get an error after uploading the firmware, first upload tasmota-minimal.bin.gz from Tasmota repository, next upload firmware generated from ESPHome. Another way to try is to simply gzip the ESPHome binary and upload the .gz file instead. If you are using Tasmota 7.2+ it is necessary to run the command “SetOption78 1” in the Tasmota console and restart your device to be able to upgrade to esphome.

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