ESPHome  2024.7.1
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1 #pragma once
7 #include "anova_base.h"
9 #ifdef USE_ESP32
11 #include <esp_gattc_api.h>
13 namespace esphome {
14 namespace anova {
18 static const uint16_t ANOVA_SERVICE_UUID = 0xFFE0;
19 static const uint16_t ANOVA_CHARACTERISTIC_UUID = 0xFFE1;
22  public:
23  void setup() override;
24  void loop() override;
25  void update() override;
26  void gattc_event_handler(esp_gattc_cb_event_t event, esp_gatt_if_t gattc_if,
27  esp_ble_gattc_cb_param_t *param) override;
28  void dump_config() override;
29  float get_setup_priority() const override { return setup_priority::DATA; }
37  return traits;
38  }
39  void set_unit_of_measurement(const char *unit);
41  protected:
42  std::unique_ptr<AnovaCodec> codec_;
43  void control(const climate::ClimateCall &call) override;
44  uint16_t char_handle_;
47 };
49 } // namespace anova
50 } // namespace esphome
52 #endif
std::unique_ptr< AnovaCodec > codec_
Definition: anova.h:42
This class is used to encode all control actions on a climate device.
Definition: climate.h:33
void gattc_event_handler(esp_gattc_cb_event_t event, esp_gatt_if_t gattc_if, esp_ble_gattc_cb_param_t *param) override
Definition: anova.cpp:55
void set_visual_temperature_step(float temperature_step)
const float DATA
For components that import data from directly connected sensors like DHT.
Definition: component.cpp:19
void control(const climate::ClimateCall &call) override
Definition: anova.cpp:22
uint16_t char_handle_
Definition: anova.h:44
This class contains all static data for climate devices.
void set_visual_min_temperature(float visual_min_temperature)
This class simplifies creating components that periodically check a state.
Definition: component.h:283
climate::ClimateTraits traits() override
Definition: anova.h:30
void update() override
Definition: anova.cpp:137
void set_supported_modes(std::set< ClimateMode > modes)
void setup() override
Definition: anova.cpp:15
void dump_config() override
Definition: anova.cpp:13
void set_visual_max_temperature(float visual_max_temperature)
void loop() override
Definition: anova.cpp:20
float get_setup_priority() const override
Definition: anova.h:29
The climate device is off.
Definition: climate_mode.h:12
uint8_t current_request_
Definition: anova.h:45
Implementation of SPI Controller mode.
Definition: a01nyub.cpp:7
void set_supports_current_temperature(bool supports_current_temperature)
void set_unit_of_measurement(const char *unit)
Definition: anova.cpp:135
ClimateDevice - This is the base class for all climate integrations.
Definition: climate.h:168