ESPHome  2024.7.1
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core.cpp File Reference

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 Implementation of SPI Controller mode.


void setup ()
void loop ()
void IRAM_ATTR HOT esphome::yield ()
uint32_t IRAM_ATTR HOT esphome::millis ()
uint32_t IRAM_ATTR HOT esphome::micros ()
void IRAM_ATTR HOT esphome::delay (uint32_t ms)
void IRAM_ATTR HOT esphome::delayMicroseconds (uint32_t us)
void esphome::arch_init ()
void esphome::arch_restart ()
void IRAM_ATTR HOT esphome::arch_feed_wdt ()
uint32_t esphome::arch_get_cpu_cycle_count ()
uint32_t esphome::arch_get_cpu_freq_hz ()
uint8_t esphome::progmem_read_byte (const uint8_t *addr)

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◆ loop()

void loop ( )

◆ setup()

void setup ( )