ESPHome  2024.3.2
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esphome::tm1637 Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  TM1637Display
class  TM1637Key


using tm1637_writer_t = std::function< void(TM1637Display &)>


const uint8_t TM1637_CMD_DATA = 0x40
 Display data command. More...
const uint8_t TM1637_CMD_CTRL = 0x80
 Display control command. More...
const uint8_t TM1637_CMD_ADDR = 0xc0
 Display address command. More...
const uint8_t TM1637_UNKNOWN_CHAR = 0b11111111
const uint8_t TM1637_DATA_WRITE = 0x00
 Write data. More...
const uint8_t TM1637_DATA_READ_KEYS = 0x02
 Read keys. More...
const uint8_t TM1637_DATA_AUTO_INC_ADDR = 0x00
 Auto increment address. More...
const uint8_t TM1637_DATA_FIXED_ADDR = 0x04
 Fixed address. More...
const uint8_t TM1637_ASCII_TO_RAW [] PROGMEM

Typedef Documentation

◆ tm1637_writer_t

using esphome::tm1637::tm1637_writer_t = typedef std::function<void(TM1637Display &)>

Definition at line 22 of file tm1637.h.

Variable Documentation


const uint8_t TM1637_ASCII_TO_RAW [] esphome::tm1637::PROGMEM

Definition at line 30 of file tm1637.cpp.


const uint8_t esphome::tm1637::TM1637_CMD_ADDR = 0xc0

Display address command.

Definition at line 12 of file tm1637.cpp.


const uint8_t esphome::tm1637::TM1637_CMD_CTRL = 0x80

Display control command.

Definition at line 11 of file tm1637.cpp.


const uint8_t esphome::tm1637::TM1637_CMD_DATA = 0x40

Display data command.

Definition at line 10 of file tm1637.cpp.


const uint8_t esphome::tm1637::TM1637_DATA_AUTO_INC_ADDR = 0x00

Auto increment address.

Definition at line 18 of file tm1637.cpp.


const uint8_t esphome::tm1637::TM1637_DATA_FIXED_ADDR = 0x04

Fixed address.

Definition at line 19 of file tm1637.cpp.


const uint8_t esphome::tm1637::TM1637_DATA_READ_KEYS = 0x02

Read keys.

Definition at line 17 of file tm1637.cpp.


const uint8_t esphome::tm1637::TM1637_DATA_WRITE = 0x00

Write data.

Definition at line 16 of file tm1637.cpp.


const uint8_t esphome::tm1637::TM1637_UNKNOWN_CHAR = 0b11111111

Definition at line 13 of file tm1637.cpp.