ESPHome  2024.5.2
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esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState Struct Reference

Struct used to save the state of the climate device in restore memory. More...

#include <climate.h>

Public Member Functions

ClimateCall to_call (Climate *climate)
 Convert this struct to a climate call that can be performed. More...
void apply (Climate *climate)
 Apply these settings to the climate device. More...

Data Fields

ClimateMode mode
bool uses_custom_fan_mode {false}
union {
   ClimateFanMode   fan_mode
   uint8_t   custom_fan_mode
bool uses_custom_preset {false}
union {
   ClimatePreset   preset
   uint8_t   custom_preset
ClimateSwingMode swing_mode
union {
   float   target_temperature
   struct {
      float   target_temperature_low
      float   target_temperature_high
float target_humidity

Detailed Description

Struct used to save the state of the climate device in restore memory.

Make sure to update RESTORE_STATE_VERSION when changing the struct entries.

Definition at line 125 of file climate.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ apply()

void esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::apply ( Climate climate)

Apply these settings to the climate device.

Definition at line 505 of file climate.cpp.

◆ to_call()

ClimateCall esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::to_call ( Climate climate)

Convert this struct to a climate call that can be performed.

Definition at line 481 of file climate.cpp.

Field Documentation

◆ @55

union { ... }

◆ @57

union { ... }

◆ @59

union { ... }

◆ custom_fan_mode

uint8_t esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::custom_fan_mode

Definition at line 130 of file climate.h.

◆ custom_preset

uint8_t esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::custom_preset

Definition at line 135 of file climate.h.

◆ fan_mode

ClimateFanMode esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::fan_mode

Definition at line 129 of file climate.h.

◆ mode

ClimateMode esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::mode

Definition at line 126 of file climate.h.

◆ preset

ClimatePreset esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::preset

Definition at line 134 of file climate.h.

◆ swing_mode

ClimateSwingMode esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::swing_mode

Definition at line 137 of file climate.h.

◆ target_humidity

float esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::target_humidity

Definition at line 145 of file climate.h.

◆ target_temperature

float esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::target_temperature

Definition at line 139 of file climate.h.

◆ target_temperature_high

float esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::target_temperature_high

Definition at line 142 of file climate.h.

◆ target_temperature_low

float esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::target_temperature_low

Definition at line 141 of file climate.h.

◆ uses_custom_fan_mode

bool esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::uses_custom_fan_mode {false}

Definition at line 127 of file climate.h.

◆ uses_custom_preset

bool esphome::climate::ClimateDeviceRestoreState::uses_custom_preset {false}

Definition at line 132 of file climate.h.

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